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You want to export? In Europe, France, further afield? Invenio’s role is to enter into your business as an export development manager would do, and identify the wisest methods of development on your behalf. Invenio will meet regularly with you to gain a closer knowledge of your products and your markets, as well as suggesting new directions for development. Invenio will co-ordinate your export business in collaboration with the institutional bodies.

you currently have on offer, an analysis of your resources will be needed to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your structure for export. The skills of your commercial, production and logistics departments must be assessed. We will tackle the results of this review along with the elements which emerge from the Market Study phase, and the conclusions of this process will constitute the structure of your internationalisation plan. Invenio has developed an exhaustive method which reviews all aspects of exporting.

Based on the Export audit, Invenio is now in a position, with your help, to draft the essential elements of your Export strategy. This will form the structure on which you will build your Export plan, and includes all the things that you will need to carry out. The Export strategy also includes the business plan, the anticipated revenue, and the finance requirements of your plan. The Export Strategy is an essential document for the launch of your Export plan, and should be updated regularly throughout the course of its implementation to remain effective. Invenio will assist you throughout this process, both in developing your Export Strategy and in confirming its relevance throughout your progress towards a successful development.

Whether you are ready to start exporting or whether your export team is already in action, you will want to communicate your export procedure to your team or remind them of it, creating within your team a real sense of identifying with your export project, and a coherence of opinions on the objective to achieve. Invenio offers you short information and training sessions (lasting on average 1 day) during which we detail the steps of the export procedure and share our experience and the understanding we have gained from this. Working alongside you will mean that the information imparted during the sessions will be put into context and implemented.

Essentially, this mission is designed to determine quickly and effectively those countries or geo-political zones which should be a priority for your company and the products and services that you offer. In fact, it is often difficult to stand back far enough to identify the markets where the needs are closest to the solutions that you can offer. With a rigorous and effective approach, Invenio will help you identify the targets which are closest to what your solutions can provide. Prioritising markets often leads on to a market study in the zone identified.

A Market Study or Market Studies. This stage should be planned with a view to its purpose – to give you all the elements that will allow you to extend your business internationally. Pricing levels, competitiveness and the state of the competition need to be included in a detailed report. Invenio will assist you in defining your markets and your position, and provide you with targeted information. This, combined with the conclusions of the analysis of your resources, will show you where your efforts need to be directed.

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Your products meet with success in your home country, and you want to penetrate a new market. The course of action consists initially of analysing the capacity of your products to comply with the regulatory requirements and standards of the target country. Invenio will approach the French and European organisations and institutions and supply you with an exhaustive dossier on the requirements of the regulations and standards that your products must satisfy.

Once our market study is complete, you must apply it through canvassing. This will enable you to identify the actor or actors who will be involved in helping you market your products. Canvassing takes place in two stages: the first stage from a distance, identifying the appropriate counterparts, and the second involving meeting up with your future partners. Invenio will arrange the meetings and assist you in this phase of meeting the right prospects.

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Familiarising yourself with a new market takes more than a few hours or even a few days. Having all the information to identify your opportunities and take the right decisions at the right time, it is sometimes necessary to study a market for a longer period. Based on your activity, Invenio will supply you regularly with useable, targeted information on the desired market: current and future projects, dynamism of the principal actors, relevant economic operations, etc. This information will allow you to prepare carefully, clarifying your assessment of the business environment in the target country.

Your future contacts are far away, do not know you, and have no idea whether you will be able to give them what they want. It is essential that your marketing documents fulfil these stringent requirements. Invenio structures your marketing presentation by designing the structure of your documents, catalogues and website, and drawing up effective texts to convey the history of your business. The objective is to make what you have to offer perfectly clear to readers, and to give solid and favourable impressions to future contacts, so that even when they are thousands of kilometres away, they can envisage working with you. It is better, therefore, that your media should be structured, and express positive values.

Have you identified one or several prospects? Now you must meet with the contacts you have identified and present your business and what you have to offer. If you do not have enough time to carry this out, or if your teams are not very effective or lack experience, Invenio will take part of these meetings, with or without your teams. The objective is always the same: to match what you have to offer to the needs expressed by the contact. We travel all over the world to meet with your prospects, whatever stage your negotiations have reached. Invenio also takes part in drawing up contractual documents in phase with your business.

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Participating in Trade Fairs is an excellent way of getting known. But will you be able to prepare everything in time? Many businesses come away from Trade Fairs disappointed because of lack of preparation and use of the wrong methods. Participating in Trade Fairs is hard, and the right methods of doing it must be followed to the letter. Invenio will assist you in using these methods, even as far as being present on the stand along with your teams. We benefit from our presence at the Fair in order to prepare a digest of various missions: market study, canvassing and commercial representation. All this information is discussed, exchanged and formatted with one aim: to allow you to identify good development options. This short, operational mission will change your opinion of Trade Fairs!

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You have now launched a business that is successful. Your clients, who are now used to your solutions, expect greater commercial and logistical reactivity from you. The local authorities have indicated to you that the customs duties would be considerably lower if you sited part of your manufacturing locally. The time has perhaps come to set up abroad. Structural costs, provisional budgets, the labour market, rents, taxation – all these things have to be tackled in detail. Invenio will co-ordinate and direct the preparation of your set-up dossier.

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