Even for export pros...

You know exports backwards, and rely on numerous contacts to operate your export business – to the point where your development prospects are taking up all your available resources!
This is often the case with increasing export growth. The recruitment process is long, so that you cannot respond to demands in the short term. However, it is now that you need to respond to approaches…
Why not call on Invenio? Below, we give some case studies of missions that have offered effective help to organisations in your situation.

Some case studies

Participating in Trade Fairs

An intermediate-sized business that was enjoying strong international development was organising teams to attend Fairs throughout the year. The size of a stand reflects the vision which that business has of its local development in the long-term, but the larger a stand is, the better it must be organised and prepared.
Invenio co-ordinated the organisation of the stand with the organiser, and oversaw the graphic design of the extra marketing media. During the Fair, Invenio gathered together and organised the information on the opportunities and the obstacles for development that could arise. After the Fair, as well as the follow-up sheets for requests and visitors, a report was submitted, summarising the operational and general information on the development opportunities for this business in the market.

Response to a Consultation

An intermediate-sized business needed to respond to a consultation, but did not have the time within the deadline. Invenio became involved in the response to the consultation and took charge of preparing the dossier presenting the tender. In a few days, in consultation with the project team, the dossier was ready – presentation of the company, its human resources, and a description of the proposed system – all within the deadline, and the company was in time to submit its offer.

Marketing initiatives

An intermediate-sized business registered for a Fair but did not have marketing material to display. A detailed meeting defined the company’s proposed targets and what they particularly wanted to emphasise.
Invenio proposed a structure and layout for a catalogue to make the case to the targeted contacts. Once this was accepted, Invenio wrote the text from technical documentation, the standards required, and our understanding of how the systems functioned. Once the text was accepted, Invenio designed the illustrations and images. The catalogue was translated into 7 languages, and several thousand copies were printed; a PowerPoint presentation was prepared using the same technical and graphic material.


These case studies are only examples. Similar ones occur every week, and Invenio can boast the construction one by one of the steps that lead clients up to commercial export success. Let us have your problems, requirements, and obstacles, and Invenio will find you an operating formula that will enable you to forge ahead successfully.

 You can find further details of the missions that we carry out on our “Importing” , “Exporting” and “Sourcing” pages.