Local representation

Are you looking to identify new clients and new development options in France or other European countries?

Invenio provides an entry point on which you can rely with complete confidence.

Familiarising yourself with a new market takes more than a few hours or even a few days. Having all the information to identify your opportunities and take the right decisions at the right time, it is sometimes necessary to study a market for a longer period. Based on your activity, Invenio will supply you regularly with useable, targeted information on the desired market: current and future projects, dynamism of the principal actors, relevant economic operations, etc. This information will allow you to prepare carefully, clarifying your assessment of the business environment in the target country.

Now that your products satisfy the regulatory requirements and standards in the target country, you need to assess the value and character of the market which you want to enter. You need a detailed report on pricing levels, competitiveness, and the state of the competition. Invenio will assist you in defining your markets and your market position, and will supply you with information on target markets. Matched with an analysis of your resources, this will show you how to direct your efforts.

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Your products meet with success in your home country, and you want to penetrate a new market. The course of action consists initially of analysing the capacity of your products to comply with the regulatory requirements and standards of the target country. Invenio will approach the French and European organisations and institutions and supply you with an exhaustive dossier on the requirements of the regulations and standards that your products must satisfy.

Your future contacts are far away, do not know you, and have no idea whether you will be able to give them what they want. It is essential that your marketing documents fulfil these stringent requirements. Invenio structures your marketing presentation by designing the structure of your documents, catalogues and website, and drawing up effective texts to convey the history of your business. The objective is to make what you have to offer perfectly clear to readers, and to give solid and favourable impressions to future contacts, so that even when they are thousands of kilometres away, they can envisage working with you. It is better, therefore, that your media should be structured, and express positive values.

The market is identified and the import of your products has been authorised for use in your target country. Invenio will carry out canvassing and promotion of your products on your behalf. The purpose is simple: to identify clients. Our knowledge of the language and our cultural and geographical closeness are real benefits for you – reasons for you to entrust your canvassing of French and European markets to Invenio.

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Participating in Trade Fairs is an excellent was of getting known. But will you be able to prepare everything in time? Many businesses come away from Trade Fairs disappointed because of lack of preparation and use of the wrong methods. Participating in Trade Fairs is hard, and the right methods of doing it must be followed to the letter. Invenio will assist you in using these methods, even as far as being present on the stand along with your teams. We benefit from our presence at the Fair in order to prepare a digest of various missions: market study, canvassing and commercial representation. All this information is discussed, exchanged and formatted with one aim: to allow you to identify good development options. This short, operational mission will change your opinion of Trade Fairs!

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Have you identified one or several prospects? Now you must meet with the contacts you have identified and present your business and what you have to offer. If you do not have enough time to carry this out, or if your teams are not very effective or lack experience, Invenio will take part of these meetings, with or without your teams. The objective is always the same: to match what you have to offer to the needs expressed by the contact. We travel all over the world to meet with your prospects, whatever stage your negotiations have reached. Invenio also takes part in drawing up contractual documents in phase with your business.

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You have now launched a business that is successful. Your clients, who are now used to your solutions, expect greater commercial and logistical reactivity from you. The local authorities have indicated to you that the customs duties would be considerably lower if you sited part of your manufacturing locally. The time has perhaps come to set up abroad. Structural costs, provisional budgets, the labour market, rents, taxation – all these things have to be tackled in detail. Invenio will co-ordinate and direct the preparation of your set-up dossier.

Advantages for you

There are many advantages for you in entrusting your search for new partners to Invenio.

You get close to the client

What is the commercial impact of local relations as opposed to relations at a distance, by e-mail or phone? Obviously, incalculable. Reactivity, interactivity, personalisation, commercial representation for carrying out your import procedures, market studies and client canvassing will boost the presence of your business in a way that is impossible at a distance.

You will save

Carrying out local canvassing missions or market studies will cost you: phone costs, travel costs, accommodation costs, and even translation costs, and so on. Carrying out canvassing abroad is something that will not need a budget if you call on Invenio.

You can test the market reaction before you set up

Your clients are calling for you, but you do not have the time to offer the reactivity they require – because of this, you are considering setting up locally. Before this strategic step that you will be committed to for many years, have you thought about the advantages of local representation? Invenio would enable you to offer reactivity that you cannot achieve yourself, testing the market, increasing your visibility, increasing your turnover, and ensuring your durability on the market. Little by little, the feasibility of local representation acquires substance. When all the parameters are favourable, you can take steps to set up in complete confidence. Invenio will have helped you to fulfil the possibility available to you by following the right timing.