Structuring exports

Exporting is a development option for you. You know that preparation will take years, and the time has come to start. Yes – but with what? And how?

For first-time exporters, Invenio targets missions based on the structure of your development – export strategy and prioritising markets. It is even much more urgent not to miss the target since your resources are limited. See below for some case studies of the sort of missions that will enable you to make rapid progress in your project.

Some case studies

Exporting often starts with simple operations necessitated by daily business activity. These short missions should not be neglected: they represent the business’s first contacts with the export process and often reveal the capacity of the firm to get to grips with its international development. Below we present several case studies of short missions that we have carried out.

Canvassing in Germany

An SME was looking to develop sales in the German market, but no-one in marketing could speak German. Before taking on a bilingual member of staff, the company wanted to ensure the viability of the interest in the German market for its products. A meeting was held to define the framework for the canvassing. Invenio then carried out the canvassing, which revealed the interest for the products beyond the Rhine, and the SME was able to start its recruitment process.

Canvassing in China

An SME enjoying great success in France and working regularly abroad indirectly decided to strengthen their presence abroad by setting up in China. To assess the local market response to what they had to offer, Invenio prepared a mission to meet identified target clients. Following the mission, the SME met 4 groups and was invited to offer quotes. One company even decided to investigate including them in its list of suppliers!

Market sectors study

An SME wished to develop its business in cutting-edge technologies and find the business sectors that had needs that they could fulfil. A meeting was organised for Invenio to find out about the company’s business and the type of technologies involved. Invenio carried out exhaustive research into technical applications, targeting appropriate industrial networks, and then presented a report listing around twenty businesses that could potentially be clients for solutions developed by the SME and their internal sales process. The names and details of those involved were also given in the report: making contact and promoting sales could then start.

Commercial representation

A SME wanted to increase its presence in foreign markets but could not recruit a marketing manager straightaway. After an initial training in the products and markets, Invenio took on the commercial representation of this company. Distributors quickly signed distribution agreements for these products in their own markets.

Market study in Africa

A micro-business wished to assess the development of a market in the food-processing industry in Africa. A brief exchange enabled key elements to be determined, which postponed the decision to export. In 2 weeks, Invenio submitted a report including precise data with figures, as well as contact details which enabled initial contacts to be made.

These case studies are only examples. Similar cases occur every week, and Invenio can boast that we build the steps one by one that lead clients up to commercial export success. Let us have your requests, problems and obstacles, and Invenio will find you an operating formula so that you can forge ahead successfully.

You can find further details of the missions that we carry out on our “Import” , “Export” and “Sourcing” pages.