Finding the ideal supplier

Did you know that the European Union has 1.6 million small and medium-sized businesses and 40,000 large businesses? Do you know all the manufacturers who could become potential suppliers? You may think that your competitors have saturated the market with well-reputed products, and that you no longer have any chance to stand out: are you sure that you have looked at all the available products?

Don’t forget that, although small and medium-sized businesses may be less prominent than the big groups, their products are no less innovative. They are also looking to develop their business and identify new partners – maybe it’s you they are waiting for! Besides, you have everything to gain by sourcing unusual products. It is you who know the local market – don’t leave it to the suppliers to take the initiative for a possible collaboration.

If you are established a long way from France or Europe, Invenio will represent you and source products and services that suit you on your behalf.

It all starts with defining your needs: what type of products or services do you want to include in what you have to offer? Are you already supplied with this type of product? What constraints are you under? Invenio’s knowledge of the market will enable you to assess these constraints with the existing businesses in France and in Europe and to work out an action plan.

Working from an action plan drawn up together, Invenio will identify and assess potential partners. You will be given a dossier with exhaustive details of what your potential suppliers have to offer. An update is compiled together at the end of this stage in order to whittle down the list of appropriate suppliers.

Only two or three suppliers remain. Invenio prepares and negotiates contract terms on your behalf and submits the updated version of these documents to you for your final approval. The documents are then signed by the two parties and the collaboration begins: you now have a new supplier among your partners.

The first technical exchanges and the first deliveries often give rise to anxiety. Agreement must be reached on specific points, despite the distance, time difference, and cultural or even language differences. Invenio follows up your exchanges daily, so as to prevent any unnecessary tension and facilitate effortless exchanges and a long-lasting relationship.

Advantages for you

There are numerous advantages for you in entrusting your search for new partners to Invenio:

Gaining time

From taking the first steps towards identifying a partnership to signing the contract, bringing a new supplier on board can take a long time – even more so if you leave it to the supplier to make the appointments. Through our knowledge of the market and our closeness to potential suppliers, Invenio will save you lots of time!

Specific skill

There can be many reasons that prevent the assessment of a new supplier: ignorance of the market, absence of visibility of potential suppliers, exclusivity requirements, a lack of confidence or appreciation of the fact of the distance – all these are obstacles that can stop you working with a supplier.

Invenio will take the care necessary for you to establish reliable, long-lasting and effective partnerships. If you get into difficulties, our closeness and our position independent of the parties give us legitimacy in simplifying exchanges and suggesting effective solutions.

Financial gain

Identifying a new partner is costly: travel, accommodation, auditing, assessment – all these stages take up time and resources. Invenio acts rapidly and decisively with specific missions, limiting costs and offering very good terms to increase what you have to offer.